Top 5 New Ways to Rent an Office in Paris (and not just coworking spaces!)

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In a dynamic, fast-paced environment like Paris, finding an alternative to traditional office rental can be an important step for building a successful business. These new alternatives give you the opportunity to grow (or shrink) in-office staff members quickly, support remote workers far from your HQ, open a Parisian office quickly, or give you flexibility while waiting for a more permanent location.

That’s why Paris has become such a hotspot for companies offering these alternative office leasing solutions. In fact, the reason you’re reading this article right now is likely because you’re researching this exact topic for your own needs. You’ve come to the right place!

Finding an alternative to the traditional office in Paris can mean many things to many people:

  • Short-term renting agreements,
  • Collaborative spaces, such as coworking hubs,
  • Turnkey spaces,
  • A space only for meetings,
  • A modular space, designed for growing teams,
  • Or any other nontraditional forms of working in an office.

If you are still considering the traditional route, have you considered how long the legal paperwork, contracting, or construction/renovation process will take? What about furnishing the space? Or finding a space in a cool location, and convenient to all commuters? These might be out of reach for your budget if you’re going to sign a traditional 3-6-9 lease.

If you want it all, in the beautiful city of Paris, then keep reading. Here are our top 5 options to make your next Parisian office the best choice for your team (and budget):

  1. Startup incubator
  2. Coworking spaces
  3. Suitable for digital nomads
  4. Flexible private offices
  5. Personalized/serviced offices

Startup founders discussing their projects

1 | Startup incubator: Station F


Station F is the world’s biggest startup campus with more than 30 startup programs, 35 public administrations, 150 VC funds, 4 mentorship offices, and 600 events per year. Opened in 2017, they boast space for 1,000 startups at any given time, and partner with the likes of Facebook and Microsoft.

Because of the sheer size of Station F, being part of their community gives you access to one of the largest collectives of startup entrepreneurs in the world. Well organised through a directory, a Slack workspace, hundreds of events, as well as guilds and clubs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network and learn from those around you.

They also offer flexible living arrangements nearby the campus in order to help reduce your commute time and increase your time solving the problems of tomorrow.

Prices and conditions

Station F offers 30+ programs for startups which all have different conditions and application processes. 3 of these programs are in-house: the recently revamped Founders Program, the Fighters Program and the FemTech Program. These programs can be free for their entirety, free for the first few months, or the cost of a few hundred euros per month. The Founders Program, highly exclusive with 50 entrants accepted per year, requires giving a 1% equity stake to Station F. However, for those who simply want to use Station F as a coworking or hotdesk space, there are a few options accessible to the public, including the Anticafé Station F (a chain we’ll talk more about later) with rates of 7€/hour or 29€/day.


5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France



Sitting inside a coworking space

2 | Coworking spaces - WeWork


WeWork is a globally recognized leader in coworking for their central locations, premium amenities, and a culture around community-building within its different locations. They feature glass walls for their private spaces, meaning natural light can reach most of the space with no obstacles. Network events, lunch and learns, and a focus on wellness makes WeWork a great place to connect, learn, and grow. While they’re not a locally-grown offering, they’ve become an important part of the Parisian business community by offering so many locations and styles of offices for those interested in a coworking space.

Prices and conditions

WeWork offers 3 types of private offices:

  • Standard Private Offices (1-20 people)
  • Office Suite (20-100 people)
  • Full Floor Offices (100+ people)

They also offer hot desks and dedicated desks for those who don’t need a private office.

The pricing is available upon request, but prices start at 500€/month for a dedicated desk and 800€/month for a private office.

A hot desk day pass starts at 40€/day and is only available in certain locations.


15 locations:

  1. 106 Boulevard Haussmann
  2. 7 Rue De Madrid
  3. 198 Avenue De France
  4. 33 Rue la Fayette
  5. 4 Rue Jules Lefebvre
  6. 5 Rue des Italiens
  7. 92 Av. des Champs-Élysées
  8. 40 Rue du Colisée
  9. Coeur Marais, 64-66 Rue des Archives
  10. 255 Boulevard Pereire
  11. 20 Bis Rue La Fayette
  12. 172 Boulevard De La Villette
  13. 8 Rue des Pirogues de Bercy
  14. 30 Terrasse Bellini
  15. 37 Avenue Trudaine



A digital nomad looking at her laptop

3 | Suitable for digital nomads


So far, this list has been more tailored to startups, SMEs, or anyone looking for a more private/consistent choice for their workspace. But what if you’re nomadic by nature? Paris has attracted all types of creators throughout history - artists, poets, photographers, musicians, and, of course, professionals of every industry. As the digital nomad way of life continues to become more and more mainstream, cities like Paris have responded with great ways to attract inspired professionals to its historic streets and outfits like Anticafé have popped up to serve them.

It’s better than working at home or a hotel, better than a coworking space, and better than a café for those who just need a space for a day.  

They also offer meeting rooms for those who want to meet up with team members in Paris but don’t have a dedicated meeting space, already.

Prices and Conditions

Pricing is straightforward: 7€/hour, or 29€/day. Meeting rooms start at 20€/hour. This includes drinks, but not food. It also includes printing and scanning services, projectors, and screens. 


Anticafé La Défense - 2 place de La Défense 92800 Puteaux
Anticafé La Fayette - 76 Rue la Fayette 75009 Paris
Anticafé Louvre - 10 Rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris
Anticafé Station F - 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol 75013 Paris



A team sitting inside a comfortable and bright office

4 | Flexible private offices: Fiveoffices

Are you looking for a private space that is affordable, flexible, available immediately, and in a great location? How about renting for only a few days a week? Then look no further. Fiveoffices is the place to find all of this and more.

You can easily find and rent unoccupied offices from other companies through the Fiveoffices platform. The platform connects Guests (companies looking for offices) and Hosts (companies with unused offices) so that they can share these spaces. The unique sharing model allows you to choose to rent for only a few days per week. This is a huge benefit to companies who want to employ a hybrid working model. 

This means there’s a great opportunity for businesses to break from the 3-6-9 traditional leasing model and use the Fiveoffices platform to find short-term office rentals (from 2 to 24 months). In many cases, you can rent only what you need and add space as more members join your team. Break free from the work of predicting your future office space needs, and renting offices that won’t be able to adapt to your needs past a few months.


Prices and Conditions

Pricing for each listing is determined by the individual Host (a landlord or existing leaseholder) but is generally lower than the average square meter price in Paris (which varies from arrondissement to arrondissement). The cheapest space available as of publishing this article is 200€/month for a private individual office.


All over Paris



A bright and comfortable office

5 | Personalized/serviced offices: Deskeo


Deskeo helps companies imagine their new workspace according to their needs. They help with space searching, planning, construction work, and branding. Deskeo is able to maintain flexibility in the space you use by accompanying you as you grow. You don’t commit to the space, but to Deskeo as a partner. They give a more “full-service” experience, with maintenance, furniture, and equipment all managed by Deskeo. Deskeo is a great choice for companies who have reached a certain level of revenue that allows them to pay for the luxury of a fully-managed experience, but still need a level of flexibility to grow and move that isn’t available in more traditional serviced office arrangements.

Pricing and Conditions

Deskeo’s pricing is not available on their listings, but by request. However, they will send you tailored suggestions based on your budget and needs.


All over Paris




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